Selected Work



layout, branding

Suliv is a feminine magazine that brings attention to the different ways people can live their lives more sustainably. Theoretically, issues would be released quarterly with a theme for each quarter: Fashion, Skin, Food, and Home.

This first issue focuses on fashion, including a spotlight on some slow-fashion brands, an article about the ethics of fashion, and a glossary that introduces some terms related to sustainable fashion.

The aesthetic is inspired by Frankie Mag, high-end fashion magazines, and scrapbook-style journaling. The floral elements keep the magazine grounded to the fundamental reason for living sustainability: taking care of our beautiful planet.

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Synesthesia Project Prospectus

layout, research, writing

For 10 weeks, I researched and ideated a prospectus for a project that would focus on the question: “How can synesthesia spark inspiration for non-synesthetes?” (Non-synesthetes being people without synesthesia).  Through the process, I found significant inspiration in the many ways synesthetic creatives use their synesthesia to make art and enrich their lives. The large, colorful gradients and overlapping text recall the more well-known types of synesthesia that involve connecting color to letters, music, and more.

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interactive web design

This website is an experiment in interactive web design. As one of my first code-from-scratch projects, I wanted to play with different ways of revealing information that is hidden. The concept was inspired by Frank Warren’s “PostSecret” project, which I also used as content for the “secrets” page. This project really sparked my interest in html, css, and jquery.

*best experienced on desktop*

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Sonic Composition Catalog

typography, format

A little accordion booklet I made for Type II in the Fall of 2019. The booklet serves as a collection of compositions made by my fellow classmates with a fun type system designed by me. I wanted to play with using type as texture, which I achieved through layering song lyrics and mixing different condensed typeface widths.